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Car Window Tinting in Yorkshire

RS CUSTOMS provides quality window tinting products for car tinting in Yorkshire and our vast knowledge and experience allows us to cater for all of your car window tinting needs. Car Window tinting is the process of laminating car glass to provide privacy, security and solar protection. Car tinting privacy films provide concealment by way of darkening a window to prevent people from seeing into a car. It does this while still allowing the driver to see out of the car window.

We can also supply a range of Safety and Security Films which hold car glass in such a way that the film prevents the car window from smashing and even if the window does smash the film holds the glass in place and stops flying glass from entering the car.

Car Window tint is available in a vast array of shades and colours, however, even the lightest car window tints still block 99% of the suns harmful U.V. rays giving leather upholstery a longer lifetime and protecting your skin from dangerous ultra violet light. Car Window Tint also cuts down heat in a car by up to 70% meaning less use on the air-con and more fuel efficiency.

Car Window Tinting Range

Our main car window tinting range (and most popular) is the charcoal window film range. It is available in four tint shades ranging from very dark (5%) to very light (70%).

Our 5% window tint is the darkest window tint available and is commonly known as 'Limo Black'. If you have your car tinted with 5% then you will not be able to see through the window from outside of the car. This is the most effective privacy film for car window tinting.

The next car window tint on the scale is 20% and is commonly known as 'Dark Smoke'. This will darken the car glass to a level that if someone was sitting in your car then you would be able to make out the person's outline but would not make out any facial features.

A 35% car window tint is also available and this film will give the glass a noticeable tint yet still provide a view into the car from outside. This particular tint can add a classy look to most saloon style vehicles.

The lightest car window tint that we have available is the 70%. This will give your car glass a very slight tint and is slightly glossy to give a reflective finish.

As well as our charcoal car window tinting range, we can supply and fit a range of coloured window tints including blue, green, purple and pink. In addition, we can provide you with our 100 micron Safety Film, which is a security film suitable for automotive use.

Our Yorkshire tinting centre is open 7 days per week and our specialist staff are on hand to help you with any vehicle tinting enquiry that you may have. Contact us now if you're looking to have your car's lighting tinted or if you need more information on any of our products.

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Our products offer far more than just good looks. Today, you and your loved ones can enjoy protection from heat and glare and ultraviolet radiation just by having Solartint installed on your car windows. Why go anywhere else, stick with the name you know and trust.