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Safety & Security Invisible Protection.

Safety & Security films are an optically clear barrier that is retrofitted to the inside of your window. It reinforces glass, helping to hold it safely in place should an attempted break-in, personal impact, natural disaster or explosion occur.

Our films are made from only the highest quality materials, it is tough, high tensile polyester with ultra strong mounting adhesive and is available in thicknesses ranging from 50 micron (2mil) to 350 microns (14mil). These are available either in clear or combined solar control versions. Furthermore, enhanced resilience can be achieved with glazing attachment systems.

We can help you select the right level of protection for your building, from our wide variety of of thicknesses, tints and performance levels.

An explosion can propel broken glass at lethal speeds causing severe injuries. With today's increased awareness for personal and industrial safety a professionally installed window film is the solution to your security and safety concerns.

  • High tensile polyester and ultra strong mounting adhesive reinforces glass
  • Helps hold broken glass in place upon impact or in the event of an explosion
  • Reduces heat, glare and energy consumption (combined solar films)
  • Scratch resistant coating for a long life and easy maintenance
  • Protection for people and property in the event o an explosion
  • Minimise injury from personal impact
  • Provides glass retention
  • Compliance with regulations British BS 6206 and European EN 12600
  • Enhances glazing security
  • Creates visual privacy and security
  • Minimise interior damage
  • Protection for people and property in the event o an explosion
  • Reduces 98% of ultraviolet light to reduce fading of interiors
  • Maintains natural light levels & unrestricted views
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Our products offer far more than just good looks. Today, you and your loved ones can enjoy protection from heat and glare and ultraviolet radiation just by having Solartint installed on your car windows. Why go anywhere else, stick with the name you know and trust.